The answer to the mystery of the fourth season’s stills is buried deep under the ice layer

Reports from foreign media indicated that on December 11th, the fourth season of “True Detective,” a crime drama series by HBO, released stills featuring Judy Foster and Carly Reese. The mystery surrounding the disappearance case was discovered deep under the ice layer in this snowy northern country.

The first episode of “True Detective: Kingdom of Night” on S4 will be broadcasted on January 14th next year. It features interviews with John Hawkes, Christopher Eccleston, Fiona Shaw, and others. Issa L ó pez () directed the show and co-wrote the script with Alan Page Arriaga (). Foster, Barry Jenkins (), and other executive producers were also involved in the production.

The plot revolves around six individuals who oversee the Tsalal Arctic Science Station during a prolonged stay in Alaska and then vanish one day. Liz Danvers (Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Reese) are joined by their dark side as they strive to uncover the truth hidden beneath the frozen ice.

Nick Pizzolato was the creator and writer of the first episode of “Detective,” which premiered on January 12, 2014. Each season is a distinct narrative with revolving cast members. HBO picked this 8-episode script, written by Nick specifically and directed by director Carey Foyong, who also served as executive producers. The series’ name is inspired by Vanity Fair 20th century magazine “True Detective”.

The first season, featuring Matthew McConnell, Woody Harrison, Michelle Monahan, Michael Persia, and Dolly Chito, is highly regarded by critics. The series uses various timelines to investigate the Louisiana state police investigation into a 17-year-long serial killer case that resulted in several murders in Louisiana.

The second season features cast members Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kerch, Kelly Raleigh, and Vince Vaughn, with the setting being California.

The Ozac Mountains are the setting for the third season, in which Mahshara Ali, Carmen Ajogo, Stephen Dolf, Scott McNally, and Ray Fisher star.

(Meng Qing)

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