Releases Official Announcement: Science Fiction Adventure Unveils

The “Lady of Fire” trailer has been released, followed by the arrival of Zack Schneider’s new sci-fi/fantasy adventure film series on December 11th and the official launch date of the movie on November 22.

Featuring Sofia Botra, Charlie Hannam, Jeman Hansu, Pei Douna, Ray Fisher, Stuart Martin, Gary Alves, Curry Stoll, Mitchell Hasman, Alfonso Elila, Ed Skelin, Fraffey, Ryan Reese, Cleopatra Coleman, Anthony Hopkins, and others, this film was produced by Schneider over many years. The second part will be released on April 19th next year.

In the movie, a peaceful colony in the far-flung Milky Way is at risk of being vanquished by an army loyal to tyranny. The mysterious and unfamiliar villager Kola becomes their sole survivor, burdened with immense duties, must gather dozens of brave and capable friends to fight against her “mother star” without losing hope. She discovered that there were various groups of people from across the globe fighting for her, including fugitives, rebels, farmers, and war orphans who had taken up arms as they struggle through different countries trying to force

(Meng Qing)

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