releases a teaser for more complex emotions

The emotional antagonist has made a comeback on December 11th, Beijing time, and the first trailer for “Mind Agent Team 2” from Pixar shows that it still cares about your mental state. The protagonist has grown up, while new emotions like “anxiety” have emerged.

Among the voices are Amy Pommer, Felice Smith, Lewis Black, Maya Hawke, Tony Hale and Lisa Lapila. Additionally, Kelsey Mann is working as a new director for upcoming feature film, and Meg Lefoff has returned to write it. It will be released in North America on June 14th of next year.

The focus on Laili and the “emotional villains” who symbolize her happiness, anger, sorrow, and happiness has shifted significantly since she was a young girl, leading to more intricate thoughts and emotions, including unpredictable situations.

Released in 2015, the film portrays Lily’s five anthropomorphic emotions of joy, worry, anger, disgust, and fear. It follows her journey of adjusting to a new environment and psychological changes while residing in San Francisco with her family. The movie received great reviews from both critics and audiences, earned $857 million at the box office, was highly acclaimed, earning multiple awards such as the British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award for best picture, Critic’S Choice Award For Best Image, or even the Satellite Award

The brain of Lily Anderson, who was born in Minnesota, USA, contains five emotional states that impact her behavior. These states include happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. They are influenced by these emotions through a control console within her headquarters. Additionally, memories are stored in colorful crystal balls, with the five most important happy core memories being stored at the hub; each holding definite personality islands that shape character.

Upon Lily’s arrival at her parents’ new home in San Francisco, California, she was disconcerted by the distance and emotional toll of worry. She even broke down in tears during self-introduction into the new school competition with Youyou, which caused all her core memories to disappear.

Lily’s emotional state was maintained by anger, disgust, and fear in the brain until Lele returned, but it eventually caused her to cut off contact with her parents and friends and give up her passion for playing ice hockey. This ultimately led to the establishment of three personality islands, which she now regrets. Due to intense frustration, Lilly decided to leave San Francisco and return to Minnesota to find happiness.

While this was happening, Lele and Youyou found Lily’s childhood fantasy friend popsicle in the long-term memory storage area. They explored different areas of Liy’ brain and finally managed to return to the brain headquarters with all their core memories. At that moment, Liley was stealing her mother’S credit card to purchase a long distance passenger ticket to Minnesota, causing the collapse of Honesty Island and halting the nearby train.

In the memory dump, Lele was in despair and accidentally found out that Lily’s core memories of various joys had occurred after experiencing sadness. She also realized that happiness and sadness are two sides of one and complement each other. Despite trying to use Popsicle’ll imagination to help her escape, but he couldn’t because it was too heavy. He then decided to let LeLE be alone as she retrieved worries from the long-term memory storage area and successfully returned to the brain headquarters; At last, although not at Christmas for both of the three children with

Upon reinstalling her core memory with Worry, Lily returned home crying and receiving comfort from her parents. The event created a mixed core memories of happiness and sadness before creating ‘the moment’ which set Liy on the path to settling in San Francisco one year later.

(Meng Qing)

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