Poster Released: Colombia’s Famous Drug Owl Attacks

A female drug lord was launched on December 11th, along with the poster for the internet flying drama “Godmother of Poison Gate/Gliselda” starring “Song Sister” Sofia Vegara, according to reports from foreign media.

On January 25th of next year, the drama will be launched. Its plot centers on Grecielda Blanco, a notorious Colombian drug trafficker who transformed from obscurity to hegemonic power and beauty. Ingrid Escajeda is responsible for screenwriting and operation, while Ingrad Eşalo (left) and Andrea Vega’s creative team are in charge of acting as executive producers.

“Black Widow,” “Godmother of Cocaine”, “Drug Empress”, and “GODmother”, among other monikers, are all characterized as devoted mothers. Blanco is also known as the mentor of Pablo Escobar, a well-known drug kingpin who founded gang for 2 billion US dollars. She was imprisoned for 20 years in 1985 on drug trafficking charges, and in 2012 she was fatally shot in Colombia.

(Meng Qing)

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