One contestant from ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ gains attention for looking like BLACKPINK’s Jennie

The popularity of ‘Single’s Inferno,’ one of the most popular reality dating shows, has reached new heights.

Following the success of its two predecessors, the reality show returned for a third season on December 12, featuring irresistibly charming contestants. The return was an even more intense and emotional exploration of the stars’ heartfelt moments.

The latest twist on ‘Single’s Inferno’ has brought the contestants and viewers onto a roller coaster ride.

Six singles, including Kim Gyu Ri, Choi Hye Sun, An Min Young and Choy Min Woo, as well as Lee Kwan Hee and Lee Jin Seok, were showcased to viewers in the initial episode, and the first couple’s match-up was a quick one.

The initial match-ups were played between Choi Hye Sun and Lee Kwan Hee, who opted for one another, and An Min Young and the other to sail to Paradise first. These two couples had a fantastic time at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, dining on scrumptious food and drinks and discovering more about each other.

The four contestants and the audience were surprised to learn that the couples would not be returning to Inferno Island together on the next day.

Choi Hye Sun was told to leave Lee Kwan Hee’s hotel and informed that she was accompanied by another partner in the lobby. Upon arrival, she encounters another male participant who says he came from Inferno Island.

The new format of the show was revealed in the second episode, and it was also announced that there will be another Inferno Island with a different lineup!

In episode 2, viewers were given the opportunity to watch a preview of the new contestants on the second Inferno Island, including Son Won Ik, Yun Ha Bin, and Yuan Ha Jeong.

Among the other participants, one stood out and was noticed by all except the MCs.

Upon her arrival, Yu Si Eun’s pictures that are similar to Jennie from BLACKPINK were the star of the show.

In the interview, Yu Si Eun disclosed that she has been a popular figure since childhood and has faced many compliments from those around her as an adult. She stated: “I think my lovely personality is probably due to my expressive and cute nature. I’m often misled by men who think they can’t see my wings because they feel like they are hiding it.”

Have you viewed the third installment of ‘Single’s Inferno’?

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