Looking for a New Owner Amazon to Negotiate Takeover

Foreign media reports announced on December 11th that “Give me power! I am Sherman!” is expected to be revived. Mattel’s “Cosmic Giant Sherman” live action film was previously owned by Sony and then sold to Netflix, but they abandoned it in July of this year due to high production costs. They are now in talks with Amazon, according to a source.

Mattel’s toy line introduced Ximan, the prince and ultimate warrior of Etania’ fantasy world. He transforms into a cosmic giant to combat the Skull King, who is known for his superhuman strength. This IP was released from 1983 to 1985 and was later adapted into an animated film in 1987.

Kyle Allen is set to portray Sherman in the upcoming film, directed by the Aaron Ni&Adam Ni brothers. The movie follows Adam, an orphan who transforms into a prince determined to save his world. He must use his own abilities and come to terms with the urgency of saving their home from water and fire.

(Meng Qing)

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