Liu Yuning responded to the controversy over the new drama by saying that fans have given her a sense of security

In an interview with the movie channel, Liu Yuning expressed his disapproval of the negative reviews surrounding the new drama “Yi Nian Guan Shan” and stated that he cannot completely ignore them. However, if someone proves himself through actions, it will be worth continuing.

“Entertainment enthusiast” Liu Yuning has maintained a habit of communicating with fans and netizens through live streaming since his initial venture in the industry, as well as his later “viral” and cross-border activities. This allows him to express and release more personal emotions, giving himself incredibly much energy. “When I don’t feel secure here, I can still find people who love me there,” he says.

Liu Yuning discussed the controversy surrounding the new drama earlier, stating that actors must face a challenging journey every day to articulate their opinions. “I need to possess the ability to turn negative situations into positive ones so that I can play more of the roles I desire and make my performance visible.”

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