Lion Gate approves the production of “Amazing Demon Thief Group 3”, which will start filming next spring

“Amazing Demon Thieves 3” is set to begin filming next spring, with Lion Gate reportedly approving the project on December 11th at Beijing time, according to reports from foreign media.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison, Morgan Freeman, and others returned for a new script, which was directed by Ruben Frescher () and written by Michael Leslie ().

The series’ initial episodes, which were released in 2013 and 2016, centered on the “Four Horsemen” characters who staged a high-tech magic show that resulted in their theft of valuable items and grossed 686 million US dollars.

As the audience held their breath, the “Four Knights Magicians” led by Danny were releasing a new magic show in Las Vegas. Their performance was unique from David Copperfield’s large-scale magic and David Blaine’S street magic, as they combined Evergrande’ digital smart technology to instantly sprinkle 3.2 million euros from NBC Paris bank vault into the stage floor. Additionally, it could be used to transfer the wealth of the wealthy and unscrupulous to the accounts of those who have been conned, displayed on the screen.

Frescher previously mentioned that he has an immense fondness for Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison and Magic in this world. He also mentioned working with the exceptional cast of Inception to bring these movies to life.

(Meng Qing)

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