K-netizens debate fairness after NewJeans performed 5 songs while other groups performed only 2 songs at KBS’s ‘Music Bank Global Festival 2023’

On December 15, the ‘2023 Music Bank Global Festival’ was launched, featuring performances by the most prominent K-pop artists of this era.

The ‘2023 Music Bank Global Festival’ was organized by KBS this year, which is the first time it has ever been held in both Japan and Korea. The Japanese portion of the event (or Part 2) was pre-recorded on December 9 in Saitama, Japan, while Part 1 was held live on January 15, 2012, at KOS Hall in Korea for the second consecutive year.

KBS’s ‘Global Festival’ is a significant event in the festival’S in contrast to its longstanding “KBS Song Festival,” which takes an innovative approach. The newest event, organized by KBC Media, showcases the network’ständige commitment to innovation and fresh ideas in music, while also featuring performances from groups such as NewJet Band, MasterVibes, and Aerosmith International.

The girls’ ability to perform five tracks as opposed to other groups performing two or fewer tracks has led some Korean netizens to wonder if NewJeans were given an excessive amount of special treatment by KBS.

An online gathering was held to discuss whether NewJeans should be given a chance to perform more songs than before.

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