“It’s our 10-year anniversary already?” BamBam wraps up season 2 of ‘Bam House’ with his close friends Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy

Two of BamBam’s closest friends were invited to join him on the second season of his YouTube talk show ‘Bam House’.

On December 15, BamBam unveiled the final episode of ‘Bam House 2′ and invited Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy. He mentioned that he had intended to end his talk show’ second season with Taeyeon but had to invite them instead and stated, “I just thought it would be perfect to wrap up the season) with two close friends.”

During the show, the three artists had a meal and conversed about various topics. Seulgi revealed that BamBam, who made his debut with GOT7 in 2007, will be marking his 10th birthday next year.

“Is it true that our tenth year is coming up?” BamBam inquired, and added, “The truth is getting to us now.” Wendy continued, (“We put in so much effort,” while Seulgi admitted,…” “Hey, it’s been a while!”

“When I’m at the broadcasting stations, everyone is a baby and they get treated like we’re all too grown up,” Seulgi added.

BamBam was reassured by Seulgi, who replied that they were younger than him. Wendy is 29 years old, while B am 26.

During the following segment, BamBam inquired about their initial reaction to GOT7, and Seulgi replied, “I was struck by this team. They seem to be comfortable performing on stage!’ You guys rocked! Your song was fantastic!”

BamBam’s debut was overshadowed by his lack of presence. Wendy commented that the team behind GOT7 had a strong presence and exclaimed, “They sound great.”

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