Has her godfather escorted her on her debut, pulled out her biological father’s oxygen trachea, and won the film queen award at the age of 45, forgotten all of her dark history?

In the world of entertainment, Jia Jingwen’s name is closely associated with “excitement”. Someone once described her as the most beautiful woman within 170 centimeters, but her brilliance goes beyond that. Like many actors, she entered this category because of the search for talent scouts; however, family changes contributed to her survival.

There are a number of dramatic twists to Jia Jingwen’s life story. At 18 she made the heartbreaking choice between pulling out her father’S oxygen tube and leaving him alone.She was once again at the centre of attention at 36 when she went to court with her ex-husband, these two events have become indelible notes on her mind.

Jia Jingwen is a brave person.’ She approached her godfather Wu Dun during ‘flywheeling’ career and at the height of her career, she went to marry Sun Zhihao but it wasn’t so beautiful as she had hoped – she spent 26 million yuan on divorce fees and decided to end the marriage.

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