Ferrari releases a new trailer for the ever-changing racing family

Foreign media reports have revealed that the biographical movie “Ferrari,” featuring Adam Draffer, Penelope Cruz, Shereen Woodley, Patrick Demsey, Gabriel Liona, and others, has released a new trailer on December 11th and will be available in North America on Dec. 25th.

Adapted from the autobiography “Enzo Ferrari: The Racing Machine” and designed by Michael Mann, the script centers on Ferrari’s troubled years of business. It was written during the 1950s-57 period when his wife was facing financial difficulties with her husband being divorced. Ferrari and his driver team decided to take their chance in racing in the Mile Miglia, a 1000 mile endurance race that traverses Italy.

Ferrari is played by Dreyff, while Cruz and Woodray portray Enzo’s wife Laura Dominica and mistress Lina Lardi. DemseY plays veteran racer Piero Taruffi, who competed for the Ferrari team in the 1950s. Jack O’Connor stars as race tracker Peter Collins, followed by Sarah Garton as Hollywood star and first Bond girl Linda Christian, and her husband is Spanish driver Alfonso de Portago.

The film also featured Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as the main characters, while Laura Dominica was a part of “Dragon Tattoo Girl” Lomi Lapes, but none of them were victorious.

(Meng Qing)

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