Explosive! The controversial term used by Lv Liangwei to pay homage to Zhou Haimei has sparked controversy among netizens

The entertainment industry in Hong Kong was left stunned when Zhou Haimei’s studio announced on December 12, 2023 that he had passed away due to an unexpected illness. The name Zhu Hairi is considered significant because it captures the emotions and inspiration of many, including fans who remember Jin Yong and his role as Princess Diana.

Zhou Haimei’s death has left her family and viewers deeply saddened, and several celebrities have expressed their condolences online. Meanwhile, Lv Liangwei’s social media posts about his grieving have sparked a significant amount of controversy. A hot search ridicule was asked for just if someone was happy to find out.

Zhou Haimei and Lv Liangwei’s marriage to each other was a very emotional journey. They met while shooting the 1985 movie “Island Storm” and were considered an ideal match. However, they did not stay together for long after getting married. In 1989, in the United States, their marriage registered but it only took 8 months.

Lv Liangwei and Zhou Haimea have argued that their divorce is caused by conflicting views on what to do with their lives. While Liu Wangwen was keen on having children, Wang Wangamiani was more concerned about her work life. This tension gradually intensified, leading to their separation. The divorce proceedings were even more bizarre, as their overseas marriage at the time did not comply with Hong Kong law, which meant that Zhunam would never be in a legal marriage until she was 24.

The Love Experience by Zhou Haimei and the Past and Present of Lv Liangwei are both based on historical events.

Following her divorce, Zhou Haimei had multiple relationships, including a 2004 split where she left her entertainment career to spend time with her boyfriend in Beijing. However, they never got married after spending 12 years together and moving to Beijing instead of leaving the entertainment industry. This relationship liberated both her and her relationship with ex-husband.

In comparison, Lv Liangwei’s married life appears relatively stable. For his third marriage, he chose Yang Xiaojuan, an influential businessman who also served as the president of the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce. After their union, the couple lived a content and happy life, with one child in the family together, while also sharing photos of themselves happily with their wife on social media.

Despite their separation, his use of a unique title during grief has caused confusion among netizens. Through social media, he referred to Zhou Haimei as “seafood”. While some rational netians point out that “Seanfood” is another name for Zhu Hmei, there are still people who criticize Lv Liangwei in this grave situation.

Despite the fact that their emotional states have changed, the bond between Lv Liangwei and Zhou Haimei has not diminished over time. This type of sentiment transcends traditional marriage practices and becomes more profound. Following Zhuh’s passing, any thoughts or speculations about LCV are now extinguished among netizens. May those who lost loved ones be comforted with knowing they can return home safely.

By examining the turbulent emotions of Lv Liangwei and Zhou Haimei, we understand their pasts and current circumstances. Meanwhile, a seemingly trivial matter of address has generated lively debates among internet users due to its profound love story.

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