Don’t provoke a man with a square face! Dong Yuhui will become a public enemy of other employees if he goes back again

Tianquan apologizes for being suspended by Dongfang Zhenxuan for 3 months, cautioning viewers not to provoke a man with symmetrical facial features.

[Editor in Chief: Anning]

Ignore an individual with a square face as if you were trying to provoke them.

Dongfang Zhenxuan’s live broadcast room is now closed for viewing on the evening of December 15th, and if Yu Minhong doesn’t take action, he may lose 5 million followers.

This is not an overstatement.

Dongfang Zhen: Has anyone ever heard of Tian Quan, colleague of Don Gwi-Sheng and host of Hangzhou TV series, satirizing netizens backwards?

During his time in the live broadcast room, he was occasionally instructed by CEO Sun Dongxu who lost his phone and ridiculed some of the netizens, including those who were fans of Dongu Yuhui.

In order to bring down Dongfang Zhenxuan, you must go to the live broadcast room, sell 10 yuans of eggs and work your way through by plucking wool and losing blood. You can’t afford a basic egg yolk pastry either, is it?

Tianquan’s live broadcast room was inundated with comments after he finished speaking. The broadcast went on for 4 hours, and Dongfang Zhen had more than 700000 followers.

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