Defending Homeland and Facing Strong EnemiesReleases New Poster

Foreign media reports have revealed that the DC superhero movie “Sea King 2” has launched a new poster on December 11th, 2008, to defend its homeland against hostile adversaries.

James Wan was the director and producer of the film, which was released in North America on December 22nd. The film’s cast included Jason Momma, Patrick Wilson, Ameber Hild, Yahya Abdul Maidin, William Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Randall Park, and Zhao Jiani, Intia Moore, Vincent Reagan.

Zhao Jiani is the unnamed and unknown actor portraying the original Stingray, while Moore plays Karthon, a villain in the Green Lantern story of the manga. Initially, Karton was essentially shaped by radiation exposure, but his intelligence and telepathy made him an ideal candidate for this role. Reagan played Atlan, the ruler of Atlantis in ancient times, who led them to sink into the sea.

DC’s sixth expansion of the universe was released in 2018, with James Wan and Jeff Jones co-writing. The story centers on Arthur Curry, the successor to Atlantis, who must rise above all others to become a hero of Earth.

The underwater kingdom of Queen Atlantis was saved by Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper from Maine in northeastern America, in 1985. After rescuing the young Queen and her son Arthur, she became attached to him and passed on their relationship. However, due to the conflict between land and sea, Atalana had to reluctantly leave them behind and hand over caring for Arthur to Nudis Wurko.

Known as the “Sea King” worldwide, Arthur conquered the Wilderness Wolf and saved his crew from pirates who hijacke some Russian submarine one year ago. Pirate leader Jesse Kane died when Arthur refused to help but his son David fled with an oath of revenge. Atlantis’ current ruler Om attempted to declare war on land and secretly hired David to attack the seabed in secret to convince him otherwise.

The execution of Arthur was met with outrage from Om, who wanted to give him away permanently. However, Arthur insisted on using martial arts to fight him and eventually won a one-on-1 duel above the deep-sea magma. Meila risked betraying the kingdom by giving Arthur life, so they fled together after finding the desert kingdom ruins where the trident had been hidden.

Following the transformation of his equipment, David created a new creature called the “Black Bat Ray” and led his warrior team to Sicily to track down Arthur and Meila. The two men split up and fled immediately after defeating the warrior group behind them; Arthur who was injured but still managed to escape into the sea, while Arthur came back safely where he was bandaged and then transported to the Haigou tribe kingdom buried in the Trident through rough ground by the battle of Icehengeotius via convoy from Ceauguso’s family members from Italy.

Om led the army to attack the Salt Sea Kingdom, ready to kill its leader and unify the ocean. Arthur commanded Krasen and brought together hundreds of trench tribes and other marine creatures to fight against Om’s army. Mehra convinced his father Neros to stop and rescue Wurko after they saw Arthur waving his trident and unanimously regarded him as the true king. He then led Om back to the sea to engage in another fierce battle, which Om won by breaking Om’s weapons.

Following his fall into the sea, David was sent to Dr. Stephen Shen’s research center at Seattle and received medical attention. Dr Hen offered David access to all information about Atlantis and asked him to help find the Sea King for revenge.

(Meng Qing)

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