Black ComedyReleases Trailer: All Asian Lineup Performs

Yang Ziqiong’s black comedy “The Way of Brothers” starring Netflix has been teased by foreign media on December 11th, at Beijing time, with the announcement that blood debt and blood repayment are the inheritance. The movie will premiere on January 4th next year.

In this family-oriented soap opera, based in Los Angeles and Taiwan, all the Asian screenwriters and actors are featured alongside their main character, Charles Sun (Guo Wei), who happens to be a member of “Chair Corner”, renowned street assassin.

The martial arts industry in Taipei is also not peaceful. The newly established gangs are fighting for territory, and the mother and son, who have been separated for years, must heal their old wounds to understand what true brothers and family members truly mean, while also avoiding the pursuit of numerous deadly enemies.

The list of actors also featured Qian Yuyang, Li Songpu, Hu Zirui, Highdee Kuan, Joon Lee, Alice Hujin, and more.

Erin, played by Yang Ziqiong, establishes a new life for herself and her son in Los Angeles, moving away from her past in Taiwan.

The eldest son of a notorious criminal, Charles, is played by Qian Yuyang. He traveled to Los Angeles to protect his family and was faced with ambiguity regarding his life in the future or his own destiny.

The character of Bruce, played by Li Songpu, was originally from Taiwan and had little memory of Taipei or his family’s history. When a well-known and respected brother arrived at his doorstep, Bruce found himself in an unfamiliar world.

Alexis, played by Highdee Kuan, is a passionate and ambitious woman who has always been committed to justice and professional ethics since childhood, before becoming an assistant prosecutor.

As Bruce’s childhood friend, Joon Lee plays TK, an ambitious gangster with whom he has always had a strong and unwavering bond. He strives to be tough, loyal, and intelligent – but that isn’t the case in this particular case.

Grace is acted by Hu Zirui, while Alice Huygin plays May/June.

With Brad Falchak (American Horror Story) as the lead operator and Byron Wu (Boba Fett’s Book>), Kevin Tanchalon (S.H.I.D. Agent) was in charge of directing the series, which has 8 episodes.

(Meng Qing)

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