BBC launches new drama “Drunk Girl” focusing on female criminal gangs

According to foreign media reports, the lead actors of “Drunken Girl,” a new drama by the BBC, were Julianne Nicholson (“Eastern Nightmare”). The announcement was made on December 11th, Beijing time.

The filming for the drama began with an introduction of the characters, who explore the worlds of nightclubs, drug trafficking, and private brewing businesses run by female gangs in the Soho district of London during the early 20th century.

Following World War I, Nicholson portrays Kate Galloway, a mother who operates london nightclubs to support her daughter, while also immersing herself in an illegal environment;

Scanlon’s portrayal of Violet Davies, one of the first female police officers of London, involves her being tasked with conducting covert inquiries into the underground crime industry in Soho district.

The daughter of Kate Galloway, Evie, is played by Helen Fisher;

Umi Myers () plays Billie Cassidy, a stunning bohemian dancer whose life is dramatically transformed by Kate Gallowa’s appearance;

Isabella, the leader of Salucci’s criminal family, is portrayed by Gerardine James.

The list of notable actors also features Lorry Flake Byrne, Dustin Demre Burns, Sebastian Croft, Michael Duke, Ian Bona, Laura Checkley, Will Keane and their children Harry Cadby, Eben Figredo, Nabahan Rizwan, Priya Cansala.

The film is an adaptation of Marek Kohn’s non-fiction book, with written and editing by Polly Sternham and Alex Warren. It was produced by Bad Wolf in partnership with Sony Pictures Television, the parent company responsible for worldwide copyright sales.

(Meng Qing)

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