Augus Lansmos’s new film has been renamed and collaborated with Stone Sister again

The renamed new film, which will be released next year and feature three independent stories with each actor playing a different role, was directed by Owens Ramos, according to reports from foreign media on December 11th at Beijing time.

Ramos and his old partner Evsimis Phillips () worked with a variety of film projects, including Emma Stone, Jesse Plaimon, William Dafoe, Margaret Curry, Zhou Hong, Joe Alvin, Momo Asi, Hunter Shaffer, and others.

The “Poor Thing” movie, which is set to premiere this season, has been cast by a luxury cast of actors, including William Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Ramie Yusuf, Christopher Abbott, Margaret Curry, Susie Benba, and Tony McNamara (“Beloved”), alongside Emma Stone.

It is based on the Scottish author Alastair Gray’s novel of the same name and blends realistic, fantasy, and science fiction to reinvent the story of Frankenstein, set in the late Victorian period. The story follows Bella Baxter (Stone), despite her abuser status, being uncontrolled and scientifically curious; she survives an outbreak of drowning while the eccentric scientist Goodwin (Daphne) replaced her own brain due to her disinterest.

With Goodwin’s support, Bella aimed to acquire fresh insights and travel extensively. She joined forces with the clever and uncontrolled lawyer Duncan Waderburn (Rufalo) and journeyed across continents. Bellla liberated herself from the prejudices of her day and advocated for equality and freedom.

(Meng Qing)

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