Animation Movie Release Trailer Chris Parat Dubbing

The orange cat, chubby as a cub, is back in the picture and “Garfield Cat” was recently teased by foreign media on 11 December at Beijing time, according to reports. However when it does mature into an adult animated film, it will be dwarfed by other creatures.

It recounts the story of an adopted stray kitten who transformed into a cute and plump orange creature with oodles of golden food and many golden vocals. The father, who is heavier but more agile than it, also shows up.

The character of Garfield was voiced by Chris Parat, who is a fan of Chivas but doesn’t like Mondays. Meanwhile, Samuel Jackson contributed the voice of his father, Vic Wen Remus. Hannah Waddingham and Cecilia Strong also provided voices for Garrison.

The film has been helmed by Mark Dingdall and written by David Reynolds. Comic creator Jim Davis serves as executive producer, produced by Alcon Entertainment, and distributed by Sony Pictures, with its release in North America on May 24, 2024.

(Meng Qing)

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