Among the top ten male actors who have made a name for themselves through their works, Zhang Songwen stands out from the competition, while Zhu Yilong and Lei Jiayin achieve impressive results

The Film and Television Comprehensive University Inventory #2023 is now available.

The year 2023 is approaching, and the performing arts community has produced a wealth of excellent works. “Crazy Wind” was the most successful film of the year, while “Man Jianghong” emerged as the top-grossing film. Not only have all the male actors in these outstanding films provided wonderful performances, but they have also renewed their popularity through their own work.

The television industry has produced five male stars who are well-known.

Zhang Songwen

In the crime drama “Fury”, Zhang Songwen, who is 47 years old, gained fame for his portrayal of Gao Qiqiang. He portrayed a difficult character that was forced into the underworld and eventually turned into an unforgivable killer, with clout and emotion. Although not receiving any recognition, this character has already become one of the most popular in history.

Even after Zhang Songwen’s popularity diminished, he continued to act in a low-key manner and with high profile. His artistic persona is something that many younger generations should emulate.

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