A wealthy person with 20000 yuan can “choose a concubine on campus”, and reality is even more infuriating than the movie “Hot Search”

At the dinner party of a group of big shots, dozens of young girls with youthful energy are arranged. Although they work part-time, they still perform at the group dinner Party and serve one another drinks for the big ones.

The group has provided financial support to these girls, who have benefited from its teachings and actions. They have also helped outsiders by solving the employment issue for children, alleviated social challenges, and done something positive.

The big cats at the drinking party were taking advantage of the situation to choose a concubine on the spot. They privately commented on her and exchanged eye contact with the target, gazing blankly at it. This gaze makes the girl uncomfortable but they dare not resist. In the end, these young girls were subjected to the claws of sin.

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