A tutor in Korea sentenced to three years in prison for leaking SAT exam questions

A private lecturer who used the time disparity between South Korea and other countries to expose SAT exam questions for U.S. college admissions has been sentenced to three years in prison, as confirmed by the Korean Supreme Court.

The Korea Herald reported that a tutor was found guilty of illegally acquiring SAT questions and selling them to parents in different time zones. This was because students in Korea take the test several hours earlier than their American counterparts, which is why they profit from it.

The tutor, who was referred to as Song, worked at a private institute in South Korea. They collaborated with two other individualsā€”a high school teacher and sr.com brokerā€”to locate potential buyers for SAT questions. Their operation earned 1.1 billion KRW (around $850,000) from May 2014 to December 2019.

The lower court deemed the offense as “malfeasible” and highlighted its detrimental effect on the American college admission process in the original decision.

The court emphasized the importance of imposing a severe penalty, given that the defendant had accepted payments from students and parents seeking admission to American universities. Furthermore, the court highlighted the coercive nature of young students involved in the crime.

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