Why did the emperor never suspect that the first noble consort, Red Apricot, would step out of the wall?

“Of course I miss you, can I still miss the old man?” gushed out through Li Tongguang’s bathroom as Chu Guifei, the most high-ranking concubine in the imperial harem, quickly entered the tent of an unpopular minister. How is it that the emperor, who was naturally doubtful, never suspected the Empress Dowager Chu had already become such a famous figure?

Despite the fact that she and Yan’er had romantic feelings for the emperor, the First Consort was elevated to a position of power. This led her to contact Li Tongguang, who was under his supervision, and learn about the monarchy compelled her son to give up his throne. Chu Guifei came to know this truth after hearing her story.

The emperor had no such affection for Li Tongguang, even though he was appointed as the General of the Badminton Army. He believed that his son, who didn’t have a surname and begged for help after the eldest princess passed away, held the power to win over his harem.

Chu Guifei’s most intelligent trait is her deliberate use of clumsy tactics to win over others. When Li Tongguang and Ren Ruyi first met, he revealed to Chu Guyel that a deep disparity had arisen between them. However, shortly after, Consort Chu eased her nerves by asking the maid to report to the emperor, reporting that she had not entered the water and rice for three days and was weak. She asked the Emperor to come and take care of him.

It’s not wrong to be honest, but we must also determine if the other person is truly worth it. If Empress Zhaojie can relinquish her fixation on family and love and instead prioritize self-love, she could potentially return to her lower status, fake death, and adopt a different identity. This could lead to new opportunities in life.

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