The truth about Na Ying being banned by internal entertainment on December 5th has arrived

Has Na Ying been prohibited by internal drama?

The picture and video editing of Na Ying by Hunan TV’s “Sound Continuously” have caused quite a stir among netizens in recent days!


The particular case in point is:

“The Sound of Life’s” third season had two scenes with Na Ying that were marked by “problems”.

Among the students of Gu Jianfen is Na Ying, who was captured in the original film but removed from the broadcast.

The production team only played footage of “Appointment 1998”, which is a duet between Na Ying and Faye Wong. In the end, Na Yang cut her part altogether, even though the visuals were not very good.

Na Ying’s regular appearance on “The Sound Never Dies” is noteworthy. She has also had a positive relationship with Mango Channel in the past few years. This should be both emotional and rational.

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