The start of filming for the new Alien movie will be an original independent story

Foreign media reports have revealed that the filming for “Alien” began on April 27th, Beijing time, and that there are pictures from the location. The movie is directed and written by Fred Alvarez, with Carly Speeney and Isabella Merced as its stars.

The film will be produced by 20th century cinema and directed by Ridley Scott. It will feature an original independent storyline and the terrifying alien creature Xenomorphs will return to Earth and continue to wage a violent struggle against humanity.

The Alien series, which began with Ridley Scott in 1979, is a collection of science fiction horror films. It has been followed by three sequels, including AliEN 2 (1986), Aliène 3 (1992), and Aliéna 4: Reverse (1997). Additionally, Riddle has directed Prometheus (2012) and the Alient: Contract (2017).

The series comprises of electronic games and novels, in addition to the movies.

In 2122, the Welan Yutani group launched the Nostromo, an interstellar mining spacecraft. During the voyage, several of its crew members were dispatched to investigate the unknown information received from the LV-426 planet. Ken, one of them, discovered an alien egg inside the abandoned space craft and was immediately comforteD by a “face hugging alien” to its head; although the body died instantly, despite the hugge, another young extraterrestrial specimen emerged from his remains on the dining table; eventually

The Alien series is also being produced, and Holly, the creator of Ice Blood Storm and Daqun, has created the series. She explained that the story is set on Earth, not Ripley’s. However, like previous AliEN movies, they explore human nature by exploring the conflict between our primitive past and artificial intelligence.

The drama will explore “inequality” by placing individuals sent to do dirty work alongside those who send them. According to Holly, what will occur if our society fails to find ways to support each other and spread wealth?

(Meng Qing)

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