The Best-selling K-pop Singles in China in 2023

Despite the “Hallyu Ban,” K-pop remains a popular genre across the globe, and its popularity in China has grown significantly in recent years. By 2023, fans of Korean idols are eager to sample new releases from their beloved artists.

The most popular 2023 singles by K-pop artists in China are listed below, with a focus on the top five.

ME – JISOO (1.06M)

With “ME” topping the charts with 1.06 million copies in China, Jisoo’s highly anticipated debut album has solidified her position as a rising star in the K-pop industry.

Combined** Price: 7 (Jungkok ft. Latto)|800K.

Jungkook’s “SEVEN” with Latto is the second-best-selling K-pop single in China this year (US$800,000 at auction) and blends Jungköok’s musical talent with the buoyant energy of LaTia. The song has captivated millions of Chinese fans with its infectious beats and soulful vocals.

JENNIE, with a budget of $562K, performs You & Me.

“You & Me” by Jennie has quickly become one of the most popular songs in China, earning it the third spot on the list of K-pop singles in 2018 with 562,000 sales. Jeonny’s success solidifies her position as a global sensation and boosts her status among fans.

Let Me In – EXO (290K)

EXO’s “Let Me In” is the fourth best-selling K-pop single in China this year, with 290K sales. The song has captured the hearts of many Chinese with its catchy tunes and talented band members.


BSS, Seventeen’s sub-unit “SECOND WIND” has sold 257K copies and is a testament to the global appeal of K-pop.

In China, a surge of high-quality K-pop tracks like Jisoo, Jungkook, Jennie, Exo and BSS have been released this year. These releases are hot on the heels of their international success and serve as an opportunity to showcase the country’s growing influence within the music industry.

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