That night, with her plump buttocks and slim waist, deep V-shaped and high slit, the entertainment actress finally gave up on being “white and thin”

It’s another big beauty pageant for female stars every year.

Gulina Zha’s last appearance on the red carpet earned her the title of “New Red Carpet Queen.” She boasts a sexy figure that is perfect for prom, with thin areas where she should be and meat areas when there is meat.

The decision to wear a black sequin fishtail skirt was still made by Gulina Zha, and although it has high expectations for her figure, she can still look stunning in it. The upper body is designed with an open collar, which highlights the woman’s fuller chest.

Despite being a well-known female celebrity with slender stature in the industry, Jin Chen chose to wear oversized dresses to enhance her appearance. The waist is made of transparent material, and the upper body is designed with low neckline and curved straps, giving off an alluring appearance that lasts for years.

Jin Chen’s appearance this time also appears to be quite chubby, with a distinct plumpness of flesh around his waist. This lack of “bone texture” makes him more attractive.

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