Thai politician Pita Limjaroenrat visits YG Entertainment and snaps a photo with what looks to be BABYMONSTER’s 1st full album track list

A visit to South Korea from December 4-7 was made by Thai politician Pita Limjaroenrat, who represents Thailand’s progressive democratic party.

YG Entertainment was among the entertainment giants that the politician visited, which included corporations and universities.

A photo was taken by Limjaroenrat during his visit to the YGE building, which had large LED displays of BLACKPINK and BABYMONSTER, as well as a cork bulletin.

After posting pictures of his visit on Instagram, Limjaroenrat’s bulletin was soon retweeted by K-Pop fans.

The title of a plain paper page reads “BABYMONSTER” at the top, followed by the items listed in numerical order.

What is the purpose of “Batter UP”?

Put your feet up.

Engage in a discussion with the audience.

My heart is the object of affection.

You truly owe it to yourself.

The act of falling in love is a significant challenge for some people.


The name “we” is derived from the Greek word “babymonster”.

The bulletin has a separate chart that displays “TREASURE 2024,” but the words on the chart are too small to be understood.

The numerical figures under the label “BABYMONSTER” are believed by K-Pop fans to be a track list for their debut full album, set to release in 2024.

TREASURE 2024: A chart that appears to indicate the schedules for this publication.

There were some reactions from internet users who wondered why they chose the old-fashioned method of marker-writing on paper.

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