Season 2: Starting filming next year, good reputation and high popularity

Foreign media reports indicate that the second season of “The Last Survivor” will begin filming in 2025, starting early next year. The first season premiered at the beginning of this year and had an impressive reputation and high ratings.

The drama’s premiere was a huge success, with 4.7 million American viewers tuning in for its first season. It is the second best HBO series to debut in almost 13 years, trailing only Dragon Family (9.9 million), and is also nearly twice as successful as the popular dramas of Game of Thrones, Detective, Western World, and War of Inheritance.

The story follows Joel and Ellie, a 14-year-old orphan who is struggling to survive in the brink of the world’s destruction with the help of Craig Messin (), Caroline Strauss () and Neil Druckmann, the game director.

Taking place two decades after the collapse of modern civilization, The Game follows the story of Joel, a resilient survivor who was hired to bring Ellie out of suffocation and become part of an epic journey through America’s hinterland.

The game involves players traveling through post-apocalyptic settings, including towns and buildings, forests, and sewers, to advance the story. Players can use firearms or makeshift weapons, as well as invisibility skills to fight against hostile humans and cannibals infected with mutated strains of Cordyceps fungus. Joel is commanded to escort Ellie across the United States for most of the game, while other players will control him during the winter season.

The battlefield is characterized by the use of weapons at long range, pistols, and bows; limited melee weapons (such as water pipes, baseball bats) or throw parts to distract enemies (like rocks); or in higher positions, such as bricks and bottles that can cause enemies to dizzy while attacking them on the workbench; where players can build up parts of their weapons including health packs, knives and incendiary bombs which can be found either directly or via collected items; other activities such just making pills and medicinal plants from “mummy cultures”.

(Meng Qing)

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