Season 12 of “American Horror Stories” Announces the Starring of Roberts Kardashian

The 12th season of “American Horror Story” has a trailer out now, according to foreign media reports, which also announced that it will star Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian and Kara Divai; season 12 set to release in time for summer.

Danielle Valentine’s latest book serves as the basis for this season, which is written and produced by Haley Fever. The story follows a woman who has faith in an evil character who will do whatever it takes to prevent pregnancy.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Farchak created “American Horror Story: New York,” the series’ eleventh season, which was filmed in New Orleans and stars such actors as Joe Mantro, Billie Lord, Zachary Quinto, Russell Tovey, Leslie Grossman, Charlie Cavell, Sandra Bernhard, Isaac Powell, Dennis O’Hara, Patty Luborn, and others.

Each season is a separate narrative, with distinct characters and locations. “Murder House” premiered on Cable TV FX on October 5, 2011, while the latest season of “Dual Collection” was on August 25, 2021.

“American Horror Stories” has received significant ratings from television critics, with Jessica Lange being the most popular actress to win Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Other notable actors include Casey Bates, James Cromwell, and Lady Gaga, who won the Ballon d’Or for their roles in the show. FX Network has also given this series high ratings, including the first season being considered the highest-rated new cable TV series in 2011.

(Meng Qing)

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