Releases Behind the Scenes Special: High Popularity Witch Returns

Foreign media reports have revealed that the behind the scenes special of “Wanda Vision” spin off drama “Agatha” has been aired on November 30th, Beijing time. The witch is set to return with more interesting stories next autumn.

Along with returning original cast members such as Emma Caulfield and Deborah Joe Lapp, Catherine Hahn has also made a comeback to star. New additions to the ensemble include Joe Locke (formerly of Nickelodeon), Aubrey Prazza, Ali Ann (also previously of Sylvester Stretson), Maria Dizia (presenter today), Sashil Zamata(state actor), Patty Luborn (playing role) and others.

The film was directed by Ganja Monteiro and Rachel Goldberg, while Jacques Schafer, the editor in chief of Wanda Vision, wrote and executive produced it.

Marvel Pictures’ first TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on the fictional world of “Red Witch” Wanda Maximoff and Phantom from Marvel Comics, created and written by Jacques Sheffield, and directed by Matt Shackman. It premiered on Disney+, an online streaming platform.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany continue to play Wanda Maximoff and Phantom, respectively, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, which also includes Deborah Joe Lapp, Fred Myramad, Catherine Hahn, Tina Paris, Randall Park, Kate Dennings, and Ivan Peters.

During its airing on January 15, 2021, “Wanda Vision” continued with two episodes per week until March 5, and now it is the first television drama in the fourth stage of this series. The spin off series “Agatha: The Witch of Chaos” is also in development, with Agatha Hahn returning to the show and Jacques Scheffer returning as the screenwriter and executive producer.

In Westview, New Jersey, the “Red Witch” Wanda Maximoff and her partner Vision live a perfect and uncomplicated rural life in Avengers 4: The End three weeks after the mysterious incident. As the situation unfolded, they began to wonder if things were going wrong.

(Meng Qing)

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