K-netizens share their thoughts on Jessi’s potential rapid exit from MORE VISION

MORE VISION, headed by Jay Park, is said to be in talks with Jessi regarding the termination of their exclusive contract, as reported on December 6. The label claims that the company intends to end its exclusive agreement with Jesse Lee.

Jessi, who has recently exited P NATION, led by Psy, announced in April that she is signed an exclusive contract with MORE VISION, which should bring her excitement about her future endeavors.

Jessi is expected to exit MORE VISION within the next year. According to an insider in the industry, disagreements between her and MORE “Gum” began during her latest promotion.

Following her stint with MORE VISION, Jessi dropped “Gum” on October 25th. Her new song was released on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’ on September 11, but she later cancelled her appearance on the channel due to health issues. This was a departure from her previous music broadcasting career during album promotions.

The recent developments regarding Jessi and MORE VISION received mixed reactions from K-netizens. While some expressed little surprise at the news, many were still shocked by the tone of the reaction.

They expressed their excitement about the news that MORE VISION had signed with them after P NATION. “Josh Park and Jessi were good friends, so I thought it would be great to have her as a producer from now on.”

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