K-netizens impressed with J.Y. Park’s 1 billion KRW (~760,000 USD) donation to support vulnerable children’s medical expenses

JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park made another annual donation of 1 billion KRW (759,417 USD) to help children in need on December 5.

The 1 billion KRW will be allocated towards assisting children and teenagers who are experiencing high medical expenses, including those who require urgent surgeries and treatments.

It has been reported that J.Y. Park has given 1 billion KRW in personal donations, which will be distributed among five major hospitals in South Korea, including Samsung Seoul Hospital.

(@insight.co.kr) wrote an article.

Known for his charitable contributions, J.Y. Park has engaged in multiple activities to aid society.

The kindness of J.Y. Park has left him feeling enamored and many netizens have taken to social media to share their thoughts on his generous donation. They wrote that they admire his self-love, passion for his work, warm heart, positive attitude towards life, apparent potential for trouble, good work overall, thought of the Blue Dragon Award performance, lol, how kindhearted he is, what happened afterward, and more.

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