Jet Li confessed his affairs to his wife! He cheated and gave 2 billion yuan to his new love, but after being hated by his daughter for 33 years, he suffered from illness and torment

Former “Kung Fu Emperor” Jet Li, now 60, is reportedly very old. He fell ill while filming in his youth and has been diagnosed with critical illness recently. Recently, it was revealed that he had admitted to his wife Lizhi about their affair. Is this an untreatable disease?

His first public statement was made in an interview for his new book “Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li Searching for Jet L.I.E.”, where he disclosed that a former action movie shooter had been working hard to build strong muscles, but his energy levels were severely damaged. He couldn’t recover from muscle overexposure to the camera and fainted instantly at one point, which scared him not to pursue his six pack abs any longer.

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