Jang Won Young’s constant busy schedule sparks concern

The fast-paced K-pop scene can result in a loss of success and popularity.

IVE’s Jang Won Young has faced concerns about the cost due to his unrelenting schedule.

With her debut on IZ*ONE, Jang Won Young has become a household name in K-pop, with her captivating beauty and stage presence at the age of 19.

Jang Won Young’s immense popularity has kept her at the forefront of the entertainment industry, as evidenced by her frequent appearances in promotions and advertisements.

K-pop idol Jang Won Young’s schedule seems to be a more manageable one than their reputation suggests, with numerous music promotions, brand endorsements, show appearances and filming of ads, and even fan sign signings.

Jang Won Young’s hectic schedule has caused fans to worry about her health. This topic was once again brought up by a fan who highlighted the killer schedule overseas.

“People are calling Jang Won Young’s schedule hell” in a popular online community. In the post, one fan expressed concerns, saying, “Please rest. Are they crazy?”

The Philippines will host the 2023 Asia Artist Awards as a guest, while KBS Song Festival will be the location for an appearance on the 15th. Fan signing events are scheduled to take place in the suburbs during the 16th and China is going on their way.

Another internet commentator added: ‘It seems like it has been this way for quite some time. If that is the case she can only lay down in between places when she’s traveling.

Other netizens expressed surprise that she had not canceled any scheduled events, despite being busy with other commitments.

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