J.Y. Park says he feels at ease because JYP Entertainment is 2nd in the industry after HYBE

JYP Entertainment’s second place behind HYBE has made J.Y. Park feel relaxed and at ease, according to him.

Kim Bum Soo, Kim Wan Sun, and Park Mi Kyung were joined by J.Y. Park as a special guest on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on December 6.

On his first appearance in three years, J.Y. Park spoke with a full range of details about the Korean music industry, including his association with Bang Si Hyuk, chairman of HYBE and former producer at JYP. In addition, Park shared his thoughts on the company’s remarkable success.

J.Y. Park expressed that his heart would be more affected if Si Hyuk didn’t perform well and not succeed. He also stated that he wishes Japan had been the number one in the industry, but felt that 2nd place was better for him.

Sharing the view that “Graduating oneself is better than being at the top” was also used by him to discuss his ultimate objective for JYP Entertainment. He announced his intention to construct a new Jyeong Center with an enormous floor area of 10,000 pykeong (355,831 sq ft). J.Y. Park stated that this new headquarters would be the most creative space in the world.

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