Han Xing and Xu Min accused the top tier of the male group, Nan Taixuan, of drug involvement. The male party was sentenced to 2 years, and she also ruined herself

There are numerous unrests in the Korean entertainment industry. Can you recall the time period when actress Xu Min accused South Tae hyun of drug-related crimes? Nan Taixuan and convicted individuals have been sentenced to 2 years and 1 year and 6 months in prison.

What is the current state of affairs between Xu Min and Nan Taixuan?

South Tae hyun is one of the most talented singers in South Korea and has previously played with a male band. He joined the show in August 2013 alongside YG Entertainment’s trainee Jiang Shengyu, Jin Zhenyup, Li Shenxun, and Song Minhao to win and become PART OF THE WINNER group.

Nam Tae hyun is quite skilled. His Solois heartbreaking to hear, with a clean and comfortable voice. However, he has been contaminated with some bad things. And actress Xu Min accused her of living an unhealthy life. He revealed that when she lived alone, “I used to sleep whenever I wanted, wake up whenever my waking, and drink whenever.”

Why did Xu Min and Nan Taixuan both die and report it?

Xu Min and Nan Taixuan had an initial impression of each other, but eventually, he misjudged the relationship. He sent Taixian under his nose and also wrecked himself while trying to save him.

After a sudden posting of an intimate picture with Nan Taixuan on her social media profile, Xu Min expressed that the situation was unintentional and that Taichung would “definitely hit me.” He later admitted to being confused and said that he had said many things that were false. Nam Tae hyun acknowledged that his mistake caused him to lose everything and now owes 500 million Korean won in debt.

Xu Min had to spend 18 months squatting, which was too much for him to do. Nan Taixuan’s two-year stint in the confined space will be challenging, and he may have trouble finding employment soon. He can only work in China with a monthly income of several thousand yuAN for the remainder of his life.

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