AnimationNew Trailer: Moving is Hard to Catch Many Horses

The new trailer for the lighting entertainment movie “Flying Duck Forward” has been released, as reported by foreign media. The film depicts a delightful duck with wacky personality. Is it possible for them to make merry and migrate to the cocoon of “coconut grove shadows, clear water, and white sand”?

On December 8th, the film was released in mainland China, and on December 22nd, it received a release in North America. Its soundtrack included special effects for several songs, including “Thief Dad” by John Denver and other songs such as “Little Yellow Man” from Broadway Productions. The movie was directed by Benjamin Rene and Guylo Homsy, with Kumar Nanjani, Elizabeth Banks, Cogan Michael Kay, Okafina, Meatball featuring vocalist Robert Jordan and bass drum.

The story of Malad and her family is characterized by an unchanging dynamic, with Dad Mike contentedly enjoying their time spent in a New England pond. Meanwhile, mother Pan longs for their children to come back home and experience this world with them.

A family of ducks who had recently migrated to the pond was brought back with many exciting tales from far-off shores. Pan convinced Mike to join him on a family excursion, traveling first through New York City and then to Jamaica.

The Malard family of ducks had planned to travel to the warm southern hemisphere to escape the cold, but their plan was quickly thwarted by unexpected events. This journey inspired them to broaden their perspectives, open up to new people, and develop stronger bonds with each other and themselves.

(Meng Qing)

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