Adventure film “Fall” will feature two sequels, with director returning to creative work

Foreign media reports indicate that the popular thriller adventure movie “Fall” has announced its intention to produce two sequels, creating a trilogy series, as reported on November 30th in Beijing time.

The return of director and co writer Scott Mann to produce two films, as well as one of the directors and screenwriters for a third, will see the former roles filled again and new members added.

The story of Grace Fulton and Virginia Gardner is a true-to-life account of two individuals who set out to climb 610 meters above ground level, but they were trapped there and had no escape route. They struggled to survive in harsh weather, limited supplies, and altitudes that leave them feeling dizzy.

After climbing rock with Hunter and her husband Dan, Dan slipped and died. Nearly a year later, Becky used alcohol to drown her sorrows and distanced herself from James, her father James who believed Dan was not suitable for her daughter. Hunter approached BeckY and used the abandoned B67 TV tower to scatter Dan’s ashes at the top. Beckey initially refused but then agreed after reading about it, trying to get around this hurdle before admitting she would eventually comply.

The TV tower was climbed by Becky and Hunter the following day. They ascended from inside the tower 550 meters to occupy ‘a small platform, then 610 meters up – an impressive climb for which BeckY scattered Dan’s ashes along… but when they started climbing down the ladder, the rusty ladder broke (stranding them) and they were trapped on the small escalator at the top of the clock. Meanwhile, their safety rope is only 50 feet and 15 meters, and it almost hook.

Becky and Hunter spotted the presence of two men camping in a nearby camping car. They waited until the sound was audible before firing off the signal gun found in the emergency box at the top of the tower. The men saw it but did not assist with assistance, instead stealing Hunter’s RV. As night fell, Beckies discovered that Hunter had an ankle tattoo on the “1-4-3” code, which represented Dan’S self-love. Hunter broke down and confessed to being drunk and having an affair with her for four months, including his wedding day.

When she was unable to get any food or water, Becky fell to the satellite antenna and died. Hunter, who had encouraged himself to use drones, was just an illusion. The following day, when Beckina got injured in her leg, she climbed down to it and killed its bald eagle as food. She texted her father for help and then placed stuffed shoes with a mobile phone inside.

(Meng Qing)

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