56 year old Na Ying was exposed to have “run away”? Upon closer inspection of her assets, I realized how confident she was

The events of Dao Lang’s “Rakshasa City” and Li Wen’ s 9-minute “Good Voice” recording have left Na Ying in a precarious position. Not only has she been absent from concerts, but her scheduled concert has also been postponed for the last four months.

“The Sound of Life” show’s third season saw Na Ying being cut off from her group photo with Gu Jianfen and students, and her face was removed during the airing of “Meet in 1998” between her and Faye Wong, once again exposing her to the hot search.

During this time, there have been multiple rumors about Na Ying, with some internet users questioning whether she has been banned and others suggesting that she may have fled to countries with a net worth of 4.5 billion yuan.

A netizen had previously disclosed that she unintentionally encountered Na Ying in the UK, but other people also speculated that her daughter may have traveled to the same country to study.

It has been previously rumored that Na Ying sold a high-end mansion in the vicinity for 450 million yuan to escape with money.

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