will make a live action film directed by Wes Ball

A live action movie adaptation of Nintendo’s popular game “Legend of Zelda” is set to release on November 30th, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports.

Wes Ball directs the film, while Derek Connery writes it. The movie was produced by Nintendo in partnership with Arad Productions Inc. and later distributed by Sony and Nintendo.

Released in 1986, the game tells the story of a boy named Link who saves Princess Zelda in the Kingdom of Hailaru and defeats Ganondorf.

In the series, the Kingdom of Hailaru is a fictional realm that features mostly Hellians, and the emblem includes symbols of triangular power and Loft flying birds. Although the capital is called Hails City in previous works, its design still varies due to its terrain, topography, location, etc. All royal princesses are considered inheritors of the goddess Hailia and named after their blood goddess.

“Sword of Heaven” and “Tears of the Kingdom” are considered the oldest works in history based on the current official timeline setting. However, to accommodate the need for worldview and timeline expansion in game production, various plot settings in this series will be revised with time travel. The Temple of Time, as mentioned in “The Flute of Times” in 1998, is situated in the temple and can shuttle time through the Time and Space Gate. This was not the case until the release of its storyline in 1997.

(Meng Qing)

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