When fans went too far: 7 Dangerous K-Star airport moments

Fans’ tendency to gather around celebrities at airports, known as’mobbing’ has resulted in safety and privacy concerns. This trend, especially in the K-pop industry, involves large groups of fans lining up to see their favorite stars due to the high volume of travelers passing through these major transportation hubs.

BTS Jungkook is being snatched by fans at the airport, with some individuals even attempting to grab his backpack.

Almost falling over after running into a pole during the group’s departure, TXT Soobin was waving and saying goodbye to his fans.

A fan collided with Red Velvet’s Irene in an unexpected turn of events at the airport, causing concern and public outrage.

Following their scheduled landing in China, WayV was unable to pass through the massive crowd that left them with no space to safely navigate the airport.

Upon arriving in Jakarta for the Asian Games in 2018, Taeyeon, who was younger than her peers, was subjected to an intense mob scene. Fans were trying to make their way closer to her, as evidenced by multiple fancams.

The Wanna One fans caused a stampede as they entered the airport to enter Music Bank in Chile, leading to the breaking of heavy sliding glass doors.

Sunggyu’s drive-through chaos: After completing his musical rehearsals, he was met with an extremely packed crowd. The incident took place beyond mere mobbing, as one fan who was excessively passionate attempted to enter his car while trying to get into his taxi.

Fans are naturally thrilled to see their favorite characters, but the comfort and well-being of others in the surrounding area is a significant issue. Travel can be arduous, with many individuals feeling fatigued, jetlagged, and generally uninterested. Dealing with mobsters in public places can become unbearable. It’s crucial to maintain piety by being courteous and accepting when dealing with crowds and large groups.

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