The sequel promotes the return of actors such as Ethan Hawke

The Blumhouse horror film “Black Phone 2” sequel was supposed to hit North America on June 27, 2025, but foreign media reports have revealed that the original cast members, including Ethan Hawke, Mason Times, Madeline McGraw, Jeremy Davis, and Miguel Casares Mora, will be returning.

Last summer, the first film was released by Scott Dreckson, with co-stars Ethan Hawke and Mason Thames. It received positive reviews and earned over $160 million at the box office worldwide. The movie is based on Joe Hill’s novel and follows Finny, a quiet but capable boy, who is kidnapped and trapped in hertz rooms. However, every night, after dark, she receives calls from dead people from an unlocked phone that remains abandoned. All of these victims are killed by this Kidnis tory beating act acting

The psychopathic killer, known as a serial child kidnapper, appeared in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1978. He had abducted five children and the location of their disappearance was not known, leaving local authorities unable to determine where they might be. Since their mother died, two siblings, Fanny and Gwen have been living with their violent father Terrence.

Upon her return from school, Fanny was targeted by a child kidnapper and taken back to her home. She was trapped in secluded confinement with only an antique dial style phone on the wall. Finny recognized Bruce’s voice from the other end but realized that it had been cut off, while Bruce began to instruct Finnies to flee from heaven.

Gwen was anxious about Finny’s disappearance, but started dreaming again about Billy being kidnapped before he died. He tracked down his father alone and kept an eye on him. Detectives Wright and Miller then went to investigate the location of Finney’s body to find that his brother was a child who had abducted Max, whom they didn’t know was alive when Max came to them.

Finney, who had fallen back into the clutches, received his fourth call from Vince, a delinquent boy who claimed to be ‘a ghost’ and refused to let the kidnappers escape. He instructed Finny to dig out the meat freezer at the opposite end of the basement but was unable to do so due to the lock-in mechanism. When the phone rang again, Finniness recognized the ring and spoke to him.

After using the meat from the freezer to lure the hunting dog out of the house, Finny witnessed a police break-in. Gwen informed her that there were five other children who had been taken hostage in the basement. The father of those children later arrived and brought back some belongings. Terrence also apologized for his past actions during the investigation. Finney went back to school to check on Finn after the case was completed.

According to Dreckson, his film is rooted in his upbringing in a violent family and community. He sought to explore the intricate emotions and heartbreak of growing up in horror films, as well as the possibility for children to learn how to overcome tragic circumstances and face their own fears through direct experience.

(Meng Qing)

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