The online streaming media box office and reputation in December are not ideal

The release of the classic action adventure film “Indiana Jones 5,” which will be released on December 1st, was announced by Disney+ on November 30th, Beijing time, according to reports from foreign media.

The movie was made available in theaters in June and had the poorest standing in the series. It also did not perform well at the box office, with a total global revenue of $383 million and incurred expenses of up to 300 million.

Harrison Ford took on the role of Indiana Jones for the final time. The film now includes new actors such as Phoebe Waller Bridge, Max Mickelson, Antonio Banderas, Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Kleschmann, and Chanette Renee Wilson. It also features a young version of Indianapolis character played in computer CG. Directed by James Mangold (), with John Williams returning to score.

A fictional archaeologist’s tale of adventure was depicted in the series, with the first film being released in 1981, followed by the prequel in 1984, a sequel in 1989, and the fourth in 2008.

The Indiana Jones Adventure, a collection of adventure stories featuring Jeremy Irons and Adam Driver, was first shown on the screen in 1992.

The movie “Indiana Jones” is based on the ideas of George Lucas and Philip Kaufman, with Stephen Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as the directors and writers respectively. It tells the story of Harrison Ford’s journey from New York to Las Vegas, where Indiana Jones joins forces with his ex-partner Marion Rivenwood to find the Ark that could make them both invincible all over the world.

In the early 1970s, Lucas collaborated with Kaufman to modernize the concept and expand the film industry. Kaufmann suggested using the Ark as the center of competition for all actors and crew. He then worked on the space opera Star Wars, which was released in 1977. Later, Spielberg became involved in the project and they conceived of “Indiana Jones,” which they named after themselves.

The audience’s lack of enthusiasm for the movie was evident in the survey conducted before its release, which was a stark contrast to “Superman 2”, but this was not the case. “Indiana Jones” was nominated for world box office glory in 1981 and over 330 million US dollars; some theaters showed it for more than ten years; this film has been considered by film critics as having embodied firmly the philosophy of the franchise, featuring continuous action and adventure, and being able to showcase what makes it stand apart from HBO series with such original programming.

Throughout its lifespan, “Treasure Raider” has had a lasting impact on popular culture. In the 1980s, it ranked among the best films in history and is now considered one of the most iconic action adventure masterpieces in film history. It has inspired many filmmakers to create imitations across various media, leading to this winning entry in 1999 for the National Film Registry ofthe Library of Congress due to its cultural, historical, and aesthetic contributions.

(Meng Qing)

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