The current number of employees across the Big Four K-pop Powerhouses: HYBE, JYP, SM, and YG

With their size and reputation for producing top-quality talent, South Korean idol groups like HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment (a former North Korean studio) and YG Entertainment have established themselves as major players in the K-pop industry. This has led to a widespread interest in all aspects of these entertainment agencies, with many viewers now familiarizing themselves with each agency’s structure within the country.

By examining the gender distribution and overall employee count, this comprehensive breakdown provides valuable insights into the workforce of different companies.

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The second quarter consisted of 228 males and 479 females.

SM Entertainment’s statement is that:

208 males and 472 females were present in the third quarter.

JYP Entertainment’s spokesperson stated that

In the third quarter, there were 126 males and 230 females.

YG Entertainment:.

The third quarter saw a total of 189 males and 263 females being labeled as HYBE.

TheQoo, an online community site, saw a surge of Korean netizens joining in and sharing their opinions on the shared data.

YG Entertainment has a high number of employees, but they seem to be understaffed.

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