Special agents return to their old jobs before releasing new stills

Foreign media reports have revealed that the action thriller “Beekeeper,” starring Jason Stanson and directed by David Ayer, has been released with new stills on November 30th at Beijing time and will be released in North America on January 12th next year.

Jeremy Irons, Josh Hutcheson, Amy Ravel Rampman, Bobby Nadley (), and others were featured alongside Kurt Wimmer in the movie.

It is portrayed as being inspired by the legend of beekeeping, chronicling an individual’s quest for revenge after their identity was revealed as a spy working for prestigious secret organization Beekeepers. This plot involves him taking on significant national risks.

“Levin’s Deal,” a new film by Sylvester Stallone, will be co-produced by Jason Stanson and David Ayer through their respective companies, with the filming scheduled to begin in London in March of next year.

The protagonist of Chuck Dixon’s novel, based on the book “Black Hero” by Lee James Patterson, is Levin Cade, who gives up his career in construction to become a good father. When Jenny vanishes, it causes him trouble to come back to his job and track down her killer partner. During the tracking process, Levind became involved in an evil criminal plot that would endanger his new life.

(Meng Qing)

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