Song Kang states that the release of ‘Sweet Home 2’ will be his final project before his military service

The Netflix original action thriller ‘Sweet Home 2’ cast and crew held a press conference on November 30 to introduce the show before it premiered.

On this day, Song Kang, who plays Hyun Soo, shared insights about his personal development and career aspirations after working on ‘Sweet Home’. He also noted that he wrote down the characters in their biographical narratives for season 2.

After watching season 1, Lee Eung Bok expressed a desire to witness Hyun Soo’s maturation. When Song Kang arrived on set, she saw him already fully developed, which caused her to choke up.

Song Kang also spoke about his upcoming military service, noting that the release of ‘Sweet Home 2’ will probably mark his final project before joining the army. “It is my natural duty, so once I finish the required promotion schedules,” the actor said.

The international streaming service Netflix will debut ‘Sweet Home 2’ on December 1st, featuring Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si, Jinyoung, Yoo Oh Sung, and Kim Moo Yeol.

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