Season 2 airing tomorrow summer Season 3 planned

Casey Bloys, the chairman of HBO Television Network, announced on November 30th in Beijing time that the second season of “Dragon Family” would be broadcasted in the summer of 2024, according to reports from foreign media.

It is believed that the short duration of this season is part of a long-term plan for the drama, as HBO may renew seasons 3 and S3 may be approved. The second season was originally 10 episodes, but it later became 8 episodes.

The show is being evaluated by HBO, George R.R. Martin, and other companies in a long-term perspective, rather than season by season. At present, the drama team is considering that it may be the last of the four seasons, but it has not been finalized yet.

After debuting on August 21, the drama, which broke HBO’s ratings record, has been renewed for a second season. The main creators have changed, and Miguel Sapshnik will be pulling out as co-operator, while Ryan Condor, another producer, will oversee the new season’s operations. Alan Taylor, who directed the “Power Game” series in 2004, will also join to direct and execute the production.

It will follow a story about the Tangrian family, who are getting closer to embracing ‘Blood Dragon Dance’ and going back over 200 years.’ The first season adaptation of “Fire and Blood” by George R.R. Martin co-created 10 episodes with director Miguel Sapochnik, former director of several “Power Travels” episodes such as “The War of the illegitimate child” and for “The Cold Winter Wind”.

The role of Prince Damon Tangrian, played by Cass, involves Matt Smith, who is the king’s younger brother and holds the blood of a real dragon as his true seer.

The daughter of Otto Heytale, the “King’s Hand”, is played by Olivia Cook. She was raised in Red Castle and has a close relationship with King Wesselles and his trusted circle, who are both gentle and graceful, with strong political tendencies.

Princess Renella Tangrian, played by Emma Darcy (“The Truth Seeker”), is the king’s first child and a talented dragon rider.

The character of King Weselis Tangrian (Weseli I) is portrayed by Paddy Constance (), who is chosen to inherit the throne of Jehris Tingrian. He is an affectionate and caring individual who strives to carry on the legacy of his grandfather, but it is important to recognize that good men do not necessarily lead to great rulers.

The role of Kolis Valerian, a sea serpent played by Steve Tucent, is that of renowned navigator.

Knight Otto Heito is portrayed by Reese Evans, who also stars as Spider Man.

(Meng Qing)

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