Releases New Poster: Legendary Emperor’s Life in War

Foreign media reports have revealed that a new poster for “Napoleon” directed by Ridley Scott, featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby, has been released on November 30th, Beijing time, depicting the character’s military career.

Huajin Phoenix portrays Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, in this film that explores his rise to power from Josephine’s point of view, including his famous battles, relentless ambition, and shocking tactical knowledge as a military strategist. The movie was released in North America on November 22 and later on Apple TV+ by writer David Scapa.

Emperor Napoleon I of France (1494–1855), also known as Napoleon, was a French military strategist, politician and jurist at the height of the French Revolution and its immediate aftermath during World War II. He was the second French monarch in history to hold this position after Charles I until 1804–1815, and he championed legal reform by promulgating the Napoleonic Code, which also played an important role in shaping the international civil law regime.

Leading France against a series of anti-French alliances, the Napoleonic Wars, was his most famous achievement. He established hegemony on the European continent, spread the French Revolution’s ideas, and founded the First French Empire, partially restoring some of the systems from the old system. Napoleon has achieved numerous victories in the wars attributed to him, making him one of world military history’ best strategist; his tactics are also studied by military historians and historian scholars alike.

(Meng Qing)

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