releases a new poster about the legendary life of the Bernstein couple

According to foreign media reports, a new poster for Leonard Bernstein’s biographical film “Music Master” directed by Bradley Cooper and featuring Carey Mulligan was released on Netflix on December 20th, November 30th at Beijing time.

Bradley Cooper portrays Bernstein, while Carey Mulligan plays Felicia (Bernstein’s wife), Matt Pommer plays a lover of Bernenstein, and Sarah Silverman stars as Bernalty’Sister Sherry.

Share the story of how the Bernsteins met in 1946 at a banquet and then had two engagements, 25 years marriage and three children: Jamie, Alexander, and Nina.

After being appointed as the music director of the New York Philharmonic in 1958, Bernstein became the first American born conductor to conduct an international-level orchestra during his 12 years in office. He was also recognized as a top-tier conductoral and served as one of their inaugural stars during the golden age (1958-1969), which is often associated with jazz conducting.

After retiring from New York Philharmonic, Bernstein shifted his career to Europe. He had planned to dedicate more time to music composition, but it was clear that his plans had not been successful. Instead, he spent most of his time as an educator and conducting guest tours for famous European bands. Bernsten’s most significant achievement in Europe was staying with Vienna Philharmonick, where many classic recordings were still made on DG. Consequently, they granted him an honorary membership.

(Meng Qing)

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